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"David, we highly recommend you to any corporation in need of an industrial real estate broker.
You are capable of handling the entire process and your experience in the negotiation of successful transactions is clearly evident."

Mr. David Judkins, Director, Real Estate Services, Weyerhaeuser Corporation

Client Objectives / Situation

- Required new plant in Brampton/Mississauga for diaper manufacturing

- Next transaction was a difficult disposition; selling of a large landscaping distribution operation in the Town of Milton

- 3rd deal was an excess warehouse of about 50,000 sq. ft. in Brampton which required subletting

Activities / Initiatives

- Inspected some 12 properties for new diaper facility

- The landscaping disposition operation had no municipal sanitary sewage system - difficult listing

- Excess warehouse in Brampton as a result of a corporate acquisition with the desire to maintain presence of Canadian Head Office location in adjacent office space - warehouse only listed

Results Delivered

- Advised Weyerhaeuser as to the price and terms of the plant in Brampton which was critical to the negotiation process - acquired an 80,000 sq. ft. plant

- Disposed of the landscaping distribution operation in a "down" market

- Found a financially strong sub-tenant with a clean operation to take the warehouse only, for the balance of Weyerhaeuser's term

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